Madlove, and you can mobile records in addition to nobody features inquiries the hotel cellular phone operator that supposedly hung-up to your Vicky

Madlove, and you can mobile records in addition to nobody features inquiries the hotel cellular phone operator that supposedly hung-up to your Vicky

As well as why would Chris want to get nervousness tablets out-of bodyguard if, including the pictures tell you, the new container of stress tablets is actually shoot within his accommodation?

It is committing suicide: Body-guard during the space restoring desktop. Hands Chris dos tablets. to the cellular phone which have spouse. elite singles Spouse calls body guard to go check into him from the 1215 have always been. he could be holding throughout the toilet home, once they kick it inside the, he falls that’s just how he gets the blood splatter! And is their airplane admission ripped upwards. –

One pass is his put admission from New york so you can Detroit. Not like he was disturb and you may tore upwards their return admission back into New york. Thus, the fresh admission cannot most mean things otherwise establish things. And i also wouldn’t jump so you can results and you may say “It is suicide” rather than after that research of the many situations. Really?

To the police report. Martin bodyguard said he merely kicked the outside doorway perhaps not bathroom door. He told you when he walked in restroom doorway is actually discover and you will he might come across Chris foot about beginning. As well as swab attempt away from martins give aren’t martins give. the guy that is becoming swabbed in the photos who is assume are martin in the world does not have a beauty mark on right-hand which can be hairy. In the place of martin who has blond locks to your his foot without locks on the his hands or arms.

Ruby3 , Martin said that the guy banged the doorway to get in space after and you can allegedly that has been adequate to chest latch( not a chance) hence he’d so you can kick home leading to rooms 6 x’s to get it exposed. Cannot seem sensible. As far as photo, you will find a black wedding band available to you during the pic collectively which have a bluish bracelet donned by cops and ems . Why don’t you take to less than chris’s Fingernails having dna?

Bodyguard grabbed along the home on the accommodation additionally the door to the bedroom, perhaps not the restroom doorway. The bathroom home is actually open specific and you may bodyguard told you he could see their base. It grabbed your down that’s supposedly why it took thus long for CPR to begin with. Could it possibly be very you to definitely difficult to get dead-weight as a result of the ground and you will I’m not getting comedy together with how much time perform it shot unhook a ring to another person’s shoulder?….. Stalling much? I’ve found it strange that it happened into the an effective MGM lodge, same as Las vegas massacre was done in a MGM hotel. Concerning the surveillance camera, if hotel has actually people functioning truth be told there have been working in coating it up, it could be possible for them to circle along side films footage to really make it feel like no body inserted. Otherwise some one have registered using a window and you may leftover that ways. Lastly, surely, how can you hang on your own on an excellent 7 feet restroom home that have one thing that is top goal would be to extend? Easily is actually exploring i might start by checking footage for signs of foul gamble.

Martin provides a glaring charm mark-on their right-hand best regarding the cardiovascular system

When the bathroom door are open after that exactly how are do so ring suspended. Because the he supposedly installed himself out-of restroom doorway next doorway got is shut forband to get held in position. And I found in police photos that one pic showing band draped extraordinary of door however, other picture exhibited ring extraordinary away from a sliding home while the almost every other photograph was a moving door. In addition to if it are a sliding door it seems it could be unable to personal door and if doorway actually finalized in some way upcoming ring couldn’t getting held in place

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